Sunday, October 18, 2009

Star-ish Semakau

Last monitoring with TeamSeagrass for 2009. About 20 scouts joined us today, a chance to learn more about our shores :)

That's ChunFong and her team member, working hard at Site 2, when I am already done and roaming ard. Laughs*

Male flower of enhalus

Egg mass on Enhalus leaf balde.

Sunflower Mushroom Coral

My only nudi sighitng for the day

Knobbly Stars! many of them. KS was asking me if I could rem where I saw the stars. I managed to back track my steps and return to where I saw many of them. We put them together for "BIG HAPPY FMAILY" shot. After a few shots, we have them backed up away from each other a lil.

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